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EHP Labs

EHP Labs | Beyond BCAA + EAA

EHP Labs | Beyond BCAA + EAA

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EHP LABS | BEYOND BCAA + EAA Intra-Workout is the most potent essential amino acid product with ingredients scientifically proven to elevate recovery, performance and hydration. EHP LABS | BEYOND BCAA + EAA Intra-Workout comes in a range of delicious flavours and ticks all the boxes for those wanting to train harder, recover faster and get results.


EHP LABS | BEYOND BCAA + EAA Intra-Workout combines unique science-backed ingredients to boost performance, recovery and focus. It includes branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) with essential amino acids (EAAs) which work in harmony to prevent catabolism while helping to build lean muscle mass. A focus matrix has also been added containing proven ingredients for razor sharp, dialed-in focus and mood enhancement to smash out every gym sesh.


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